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The VERTEX-II series of Vertical Diffusion/CVD Systems are designed for processing 150mm (6-inch) or smaller wafers. Among the advantages of vertical processing chambers over horizontal furnaces are lower air intake and less native oxide growth on wafers before processing. The vertical design also minimizes the amount of floor space required, allowing efficient use of the clean room.

Benefits and Features

  • With the batch processing of 150 sheets(D Type)(100 sheets (C Type)) of 6" Wafer at once, provides high efficiencies.
  • Lower intake of external air and reduction of native oxide growth compared to horizontal furnace.
  • Since quartz subsidiary equipment and reactor tube do not come in contact, low particle is generated.
  • Actualize excellent yield rate of production line with superb uniformity and low particle generation by optimizing process conditions and air flow inside the equipment.
  • Provides quick wafer transfer with 5 wafers transfer robot.
  • Since side-by-side unit placement is enabled, space efficiencies of the clean room is improved.
  • Since the height(2300mm(C Type)) of equipment is relatively low as a vertical type device, installation in low-ceilinged cleanroom is available.


Classification Wafer Diameter Batch Size Cassette Racks Cassette I/O Dimensions (WxDxH)
(D Type)
Max .150mm 150 Wafers 8 Cassettes 1 Cassette 800x1200x2600mm